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Please keep in mind that human hair extensions are real hair, but can't get fed the same nutrients, natural oils, etc. like your own hair on the head.

Post care is vital to the longevity of the hair extensions; hair extensions rely on how it is treated externally.
 •  How the hair is worn and under what conditions
 •  How the hair is cared for on a daily basis, the environment in which the hair is worn.

Care Instructions:

Pls use detangled spray or leave in conditioner as this will take it easier to comb when the hair is dry, always comb bottom of hair first and work your way

up to the root slowly with a soft brush. Do not brush or comb hair upside-down.

Pls wash hair with shampoo and rinse with cool water. Pls remove all tangles prior to shampoo.

Wash hair in a downward motion. Use your fingers in a horizontal motion in between extensions to cleanse scalp. Do not mix hair together, do not wash hair

upside-down, do not use a circular motion to lather hair, do not use hot water.

Apply creamy conditioner to the hair from the mid-shaft down to the ends to prevent slippage at the root.  Do not put conditioner on scalp

Rinse thoroughly, making sure all residues are rinsed out, rinse with cool water.

The average head sheds approximately 100 hairs a day, use a maintenance brush to free them and your finger-tips to keep hair extensions from twisting


To prevent breakage, please be gentle when wearing hair wefts.

To prevent matting and tangling at root area, use a maintenance brush by inserting brush at root and brush down to top of link.

With the summer weather you will not want to miss out on dips in the pool or ocean. Carefully come out any tangles that may be present. Comb bottom of hair first and work your way up to the root slowly with a soft brush.

At bed-time, braid the hair into a loose ponytail, Do not sleep with wet hair.

For the curly hair, dry naturally at room temperature, do not brush soon after it is dry

For bonded hair(glue extensions), do not blow dry or apply excess heat over adhesives


Pls be aware not to use oil or silicone products with hair extensions

A sulfate-free shampoo that has low PH to accommdate both your hair and hair extensions

Great results of shampoo and conditioner: Panteen, Nexxus Ensure, Pureology


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