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Q: How long will this hair last?
A: With proper care, this hair will last until you decide that you're ready for new hair.

Q: Can I style them with heated appliances?
A: Yes, you may style them just as you would with your own hair, curly, straighten, etc. Just remember to ensure

that you don't use heated appliances on the bonds as they will then melt down.

Q: Can I color and add highlights to this hair?
A: Yes. You can color or highlight your remy hair with other color at most beauty supply or drug stores

Q: Can I go swimming with them?
A: Yes, you can go swimming with them. However, activities like swimming can dry out the hair extensions, so it is

advisable to wear a swimming cap. If you do go swimming please ensure to thoroughly wash and dry the hair extensions

properly afterwards as they can get knotted.

Q: How much hair will I need?
A: It really depends on the look you are going for. For partial weaves you will typically need anywhere from 3.5 oz 

to 6 oz. For the average full head weave you will need at least 8 oz  of hair. Longer and fuller styles typically

require more hair. For people going for a fuller look, or working with hair 22 inches or longer, they should

consider purchasing anywhere from 12 to 16 oz.  Many of our customers purchase different lengths for natural

layering (ex. 18", 20",  & 22").

Q: How do I know which texture to purchase?
A: Contact us for further consultation or send us a sample of your own hair, to help find the perfect match.

Q: How often can I wash my Virgin Remy hair?
A: Wash it as often as you like and condition when possible, remember this hair is very strong and durable. Be

careful to pay attention to your natural hair underneath, making sure to dry it properly to prevent mildew


Q: Where does the hairs come from and is this hair really Remy?

A: Our hair is 100% real human hair and comes directly from donors in India, Chinese, Europe and Malaysia, etc. Our hair is the best on the market and will last the longest, because we only sell 100% natural, virgin, remy, full

cuticle, 100% real human hair. All of the cuticles are intact and running in the same direction, which prevents

tangling, matting and sever shedding. It comes from single source donors and contains no animal or synthetic hair at all. Our hair is homogeneous in origin and color, and naturally thick and beautiful from root to tip.


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